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Ship farther, faster.


Fly your freight anywhere, anytime. We manage your air freight from origin to destination. Move freight across the globe quickly with a solution you can count on and experts you can trust to handle your shipments from end-to-end. RP Global Logistics's international air network provides multiple capacity sources, competitive pricing and air freight expertise — helping you save time, reduce costs and keep your supply chain running smoothly.

RP Global Logistics has the global air charter services expertise you need for your most critical cargo shipments.

Airfreight charter and air cargo charter services are designed to fill air freight providers’ traditionally scheduled service gaps. Traditional providers offer flights to fixed origins and destinations at regular intervals, which clients must schedule in advance. An air charter involves getting an exclusive aircraft booked from a specific origin to destination for your cargo needs based upon your time frame.

With shipment deadlines looming, seamless freight forwarding is an absolute must. Every minute counts, which is why we specialize in arranging time-critical air charters, where alternative transport logistics solutions are not viable. Sourcing the right aircraft for your freight requirements is what we do best. With the quickest setup time on the market, your cargo will take to the skies in no time.